6 Magic Ingredients of Color Butter August 9, 2016 – Posted in: Color Butter

Other acheter du cialis en ligne than providing a rich coloring effect, Color Butter is chock full of nature’s best moisturizing agents, with 6 powerful ingredients to moisturize and repair damage, restoring beautiful shine and glossiness.

  1. Cupuacu butter – helps hair retain moisture, provides treatment and UV-protective effect.

Found in the Amazon rainforest, this butter is a kind of nutrient-rich cocoa derived from the seeds of the Cupuacu tree. It contains fats and oils that helps hair to retain moisture. By blending cupuacu butter into Color Butter, it provides a high treatment effect, creating a smooth texture and restoring beautiful shine to your hair. There is also a UV protective effect.

  1. Absorption purified lanolin – pure grade Lanolin helps your hair to retain moisture longer

Lanolin has traditionally been used in beauty products. It is obtained by purifying the fat adhering to the wool. Lanolin is also easily absorbed by the hair, and helps your hair to retain moisture, creating a silky smooth texture. Color Butter only contains the highest grade and purest Lanolin, which makes the treatment effect last longer.

  1. Castor oil – coats hair and holds in nutrients and moisture, providing gloss and shine

Derived from castor beans, castor oil wraps itself around the hair shaft, coating the hair and helping the hair to hang on to all the moisturizing agents and nutrients. It also provides a smooth texture and an ultra glossy shine.

  1. Glycosyl/Trehalose – rehydration and antioxidant

Another moisture providing element, it’s a common ingredient in beauty products that prevents hair (and skin) from dehydration. Trehalose is a sugar found in plants and fungi, and has powerful rehydrating and water binding properties, as well as antioxidant abilities.

  1. Glycerin – promotes hair growth and healthy hair

A moisturizing ingredient commonly used in cosmetics, provides hair with bounce and smoothness.

  1. Vegetable PPT – repairs damaged hair

Derived from wheat, vegetable PPT refers to proteins like collagen and keratin that are easily absorbed by damaged hair, repairing damage and restoring broken bonds within the hair shaft.

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